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my angels
My Angels

Monday, November 21, 2011

Nandhu - a beatuy pageant

Nandhu ... is 6 now .. girls really grow up so fast.. dora changes to Barbies.. Cartoon changse to songs... Mirror time increases , make up goes up .. :) wow .. It is really fun to watch .. she imitates steps from movies , loves to see songs , loves tob dress up ... try walking in style .. :) looks at girls who look nice with make up .. :) wow wow .. girls are girls...

But innocence .. :) :) she was asking me ..amma I know why you are sleeping straight today .. it is because of whisper right ! I was like whattttttttttttttt ?

then she said with a sheepish smil - today there w as a ad in TV:)

health is wealth

sleepless nights. Kikee was not well . it just started off with a small fever and was happy giving crocin to her.
slowly , she started off with diarrhea and then it went on and on .. no food , vomited all the medicines, and continous stools.

Kikee is not like Nandhu ..she loves to eat ,any type of food (tasty !) is really great to see a kid like this .
we were all happy suddenly , we see her saying a complete no to food .it was really a night mare ..she never sits in a single place - she is a pack of we saw her sleeping ,closing her eyes ,not even is really painful.
whole house was upside down ...Had to run to Doc on a sunday to her home and she was not even reacting to medicines...atlast , saw her getting up today with a smile - asking for milk .and it made our day.. :) she hasnt recovered yet fully.but then a tiny smile in her face is worth a million..

Kids are God's gift .. and God Ensures that u understand that every moment