my angels

my angels
My Angels

Monday, November 21, 2011

Nandhu - a beatuy pageant

Nandhu ... is 6 now .. girls really grow up so fast.. dora changes to Barbies.. Cartoon changse to songs... Mirror time increases , make up goes up .. :) wow .. It is really fun to watch .. she imitates steps from movies , loves to see songs , loves tob dress up ... try walking in style .. :) looks at girls who look nice with make up .. :) wow wow .. girls are girls...

But innocence .. :) :) she was asking me ..amma I know why you are sleeping straight today .. it is because of whisper right ! I was like whattttttttttttttt ?

then she said with a sheepish smil - today there w as a ad in TV:)

health is wealth

sleepless nights. Kikee was not well . it just started off with a small fever and was happy giving crocin to her.
slowly , she started off with diarrhea and then it went on and on .. no food , vomited all the medicines, and continous stools.

Kikee is not like Nandhu ..she loves to eat ,any type of food (tasty !) is really great to see a kid like this .
we were all happy suddenly , we see her saying a complete no to food .it was really a night mare ..she never sits in a single place - she is a pack of we saw her sleeping ,closing her eyes ,not even is really painful.
whole house was upside down ...Had to run to Doc on a sunday to her home and she was not even reacting to medicines...atlast , saw her getting up today with a smile - asking for milk .and it made our day.. :) she hasnt recovered yet fully.but then a tiny smile in her face is worth a million..

Kids are God's gift .. and God Ensures that u understand that every moment

Thursday, October 13, 2011

missing my angels ...

Writing this from London .. travelled after 2 yrs... it feels great to come for business meetings and meet different clients...but ... ? When am sleep with my daughters,they make my life hell ... u can see all signs of maths on me - they sleep like + ,- , X ,~ ..:( i am jammed between both of them.. Like Vivek's comedy.. epadi eruntha naan ipadi aayiten .. :(

now I am alone in London , queen size bed.. no one around ... but then I really can't sleep. I need Nandhu on my side ,hugging me , kissing me , fightng with me n crying ... :( kikee on another side rolling over me , hitting me , playing with me .... mm... it is been three days , I am sleeping but there is no life here ... :( I may be busy all 24 hrs , get irritated , shout at my daughters, but without them ,it is impossible to have "Life" ..

Miss u kuttis .. just a day and I am with them .. :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nandhu - Big little Sis !

Nandhu ...

was my only little dearie till some months ago ... for everything , she is the only one - enjoyed everyone's with a new arrival , I was lil skeptical on how she will take it .. though I have spent good amount of time thru out my pregnancy to make sure that she knows abt the little one enough.I was not so sure how she will take it ..but then I think we only worry about kids unnecessarily .. they are more matured than us these days.When I was in hospital ,she adjusted at home and went to school like a good girl - she used to visit me at hospital , stay near me and then go back...

When we came home, it was really a transformation to see Nandhu into a sis ...

She plays with kikee when she has mood

she doesnt like to see anyone scolding kikee even for fun ..she will say " amma , y r u scolding ? she is just a baby ? "

she will go to school and talk about kikee to her miss and friends

she will cry if kikee cries for long and starts shouting at me if i dont attend kikee...

she does her part of mischief with kikee as well - Hug kikee tightly which makes kikee fall down ... start taking her toys and make kikee shout to get her toy back .. Show "J" factor when she sees kikee gets some new stuff , when upset ,she tells me that i love kikee more than her ...bla bla ..

Whatever said and done , It is nice to see the bonding bw the sisters and all i wish is to see it stay always :D

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kikee - the lioness

I never knew that I will have someone in life who is so demanding than me!! When Kikee was born, I should have known that with the experience I have gone thru during delivery..but then , nammakku than risk ellam rusk saapidara maathiri i didnt bother..

now 8 months gone ... !!! u know what happened !!!

Am on my duty to her almost all the time when she is awake - and she sleeps max 30 mins - 1 hr during the day ..remember !! the moment she sees me she crawls and come to me and demands me to take her ... And she never gets down and she never stay at one place as well ... When she is down , u see a mess... she may break a glass - will have screw driver in hand .. may look for scissors .... or might be breaking somethin !!

I work on laptop and she is happy to see that ! She comes in super fast speed and lie down on laptop ( Display down ) I am forced to close it ..

Now I am on my phonee - she comes and speaks in parallel to what I speak ... So that leaves me no choice except shutting it down !!!

so , my days at home filled with kikee kikee kikee ..nothing else..she plays till 11 clk at night and sleeps.. and habba... I hit my bed after that and I am like vivek " epadi erundha naan ipadi aayiten" with two daughters on both sides trying to put their hands , legs on me , trying ot climb on me .....

now am dreaming -.... nice sleep , wake up at noon , good food , a book , hot tea .... wait ....someone is scratching my face!!! ooops is kikee again ! is morning 6.30 and she woke up !!! :( :( and it starts !!!!

i just wonder what will happen when she starts walking and talking ... I pray to God to give me all the strength in the world to match her energy !!!

My Nandhu was a sweetu .. :) :) and this one is a dare devil .. both two extremes..

now , think of my parents who spend the whole week with her ... At this age .. I really pity them ..but I am left with no choice..all i can do is to pray God for giving us energy :)

Whatever said and done ,I really enjoy this is tiring ,draining and killing me ...but then it s a pleasure .. I have no time to think of any damn thing ... :) only thing is kikee and Nandhu ...