my angels

my angels
My Angels

Thursday, October 13, 2011

missing my angels ...

Writing this from London .. travelled after 2 yrs... it feels great to come for business meetings and meet different clients...but ... ? When am sleep with my daughters,they make my life hell ... u can see all signs of maths on me - they sleep like + ,- , X ,~ ..:( i am jammed between both of them.. Like Vivek's comedy.. epadi eruntha naan ipadi aayiten .. :(

now I am alone in London , queen size bed.. no one around ... but then I really can't sleep. I need Nandhu on my side ,hugging me , kissing me , fightng with me n crying ... :( kikee on another side rolling over me , hitting me , playing with me .... mm... it is been three days , I am sleeping but there is no life here ... :( I may be busy all 24 hrs , get irritated , shout at my daughters, but without them ,it is impossible to have "Life" ..

Miss u kuttis .. just a day and I am with them .. :)

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  1. - Absolutely!...Even though kids never give u peace...u miss the 'un-peace' and feel guilty ur all alone in just 5 minutes of being left alone! Funny :)
    - Great to have u back :)