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My Angels

Friday, October 22, 2010

Puriyadha Pudhir !!!

Appa is off to Singapore for couple of days.. Coming back after seeing him off .. Nandhu is telling amma about her schoools , friends bla bla ..
Getting off from scooter and climbing steps to home...

Nandhu : Amma .. I know the meaning of " careless"

amma : All excited and in playful mood - What is the meaning kanna ?

Nandhu : Mummy means irresponsible ( poruppu illadhavva)

Amma : Wow .. and decided to play naughty ( shani bhagavan in her tongue) .. Nandhu u r also careless rit .. u lost ur eraser in school today and this was not the first time !!

Nandhu : ( with anger in face) Mummy , what did u say ...

Amma : ( suddenly aware that the air is changin) no kannamma ..I was trying to just tease u .. joke ..hehehe

Nandhu storms into the house - gives a stern look to mummy standing in front of her Grandfather ( she knows how to screw her mother up!!!) ... Burst out crying ..

the dialog for the next one hour was the repeat of the following !

Nandhu : so I am careless .. isnt it ?

amma : No nandhu .. sorry i didnt mean it ..

Nandhu : So I am irresponsible ..and not mummy's girl ...isnt it ?

Amma : No Nandhu ..u r always my sweet heart ..

Nandhu : So r u coming to say that " I am a bad girl ? "

Amma : No sweetie... Good girls can also be careless

Nandhu : Because I am careless , I am going to get Zero marks next time? Is that what you say ?

Amma : No Nandhu .. If you continue lilke this , I am going to talk to ur teacher..

Nandhu : so u will tell my teacher not to put star for me going forward correct ????

Amma : grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......

Nandhu : how can you say that I am careless ? you r a bad mummy ..and starts crying in loud voice again !

Amma : Clueless and speechless !!

If you guys have seen a movie called " Puriyadha Pudhir " , you will appreciate this better !!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Getting Ready to School ...beware of wars ....

Typical Day ... (Now in my mother's place )

Shot I : Location Bed Room :

It is 6.10 .. my mobile alarm rings...Snoozeeeeeeeee.. and when I finally get up , it is 6.25.. I get up and start calling out Nandhu .. Nandhu ..get up...getting late for schoool..she tells me amma five mins.. we come out of 1 bed room to another.. She tells ..amma u brush first ... then I will..buying time to sleep. I come back after brushing and she is still sleeping..I see the clock and it is already 6.40 .. I start shouting at Nandhu..

Scene 1 variation 1 : Nandhu gets up and comes with me to bathroom to brush.. we are talking happily and brushing

Scene 1 : Variation 2 : Nandhu is saying that Amma . I want to sleep .. I dont want to go to school... I tell her .. Kannama..pls da chellam get up u have swimming / dance / music .. else u will miss all come .. Nandhu comes..
Scene 1: Variation 3: Nandhu is saying that Amma . I want to sleep .. I dont want to go to school... I start screaming at times , a small slap..

Now let me tell you the probability of variations

Variation 1 : 10% probability
Variation 2 : 30 % probability
Variation 3 : 60%

Scene 2 : my appa comes in and start shouting at me .. You are always like that..u dont get up early .. u also sleep and then start shouting at baby ( nandhu than !!! ) ...

Scene 3 : Amma gives entry and tells that iva thirundhavae matta ( she wi
ll neve change) .. paavam Nandhu ..

Shot II : Location Bath room

After Passing Number I , she comes to brush.. I start talking to her. She tells me amma dont talk to me..u r bad.. always hit me .. I am going somewhere I dont want anyone..

If I am not sleepy , I start my konjals and tell her that I love her..sorry bla bla . If I am sleepy , then I tell her that ha..I am happy .. escape.. :) I dont mean it ..she knows it ..

Shot III : Location Kitchen

She tells ammama that I dont waant milk.both of us are trying to convince her to have milk ...she doesnt listen.. so one more fight happens there.
Now it is almost 6.50..she needs to leave by 7.25 to catch her van.

Shot Iv : Location Bathroom again

Now i am forcing her to go for Number II..happens some day ( almost 90%) ..then she takes bath talking about her school friends...

Shot V : Location Bedroom again..

baby lotion , uniform , Tie , combing , ID card..she is ready to eat nbnow ..almost 7 clk ..

Shot VI : Location - Pooja Room

I am telling nandhu .. Ommachi sevi ..nanna exam ezhuthannumnnu vendikko ( pray to God that you should do exams well) ..Nandhu tells me that Athu ellam ketka mudiyathu .summathan sevippen.. ( I wont ask all that) ...ok .. I give it up .. and put vibooothi in her forehead .. she starts shouting to me saying thata Amma , how many times I told u to keep a small dot ..y r u keeping such a long kuri . :(
Shot VII : Location Dining Table

amma is waiting with breakfast.. she shows face to her and say ayyae.. chutney ..i dont want. I dont like it ( It was Nandhu who asked amma to make chutney previous night) it is my mother's turn..she tells me that she woke up early in the morning to make all that and she has left her housee in Trichy to take care of Nandhu ..and all she gets back is Nandhu's shoutings .. :) now it is my turn to keep quiet or shout back.. However ,she applies all techniques to give food to Nandhu ( she never shouts at Nandhu) and it is almost 7.15....

Wearing shoes and ready to leave to school ..bye to ammama and Thatha .. we aare out in our scooty...

Shot VIII : Location stop for van

Now , Nandhu wants to sit in bike till van comes.. it is very hot out there.. so i tell her not to sit , she says " pae.. I dont want to come " i will sit here only.. and i tell her that she will become black ..she says i dont care.. Then I have to lift her ( 17kgs) and start talking ..( inside voice..oops ... I can't carry.. I m going tot fall ) .. few kisses and talks - we make up ...

Now I ask her about her school friends.. she is bored and tells me thaat mummy how many times u will ask the same thing . :( ok ok.. Van comes and she gets in..bye bye..amma .. I am free till 4.30 :) :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nandhu's exam Fever !!!!

I used to think always that kids are burdened with studies and i shouldnt let me kid struggle ... i always used to wonder why mothers are so obsessed with studies !! now I understand that pretty well .. I have become a typical mother worrying about grades , homework , tests , marks!! mmm... i never knew it is really tough to study UKG !!! I have to refresh my basics as well.

I have home workbooks for Nandhu and every day she writes some dictation or model exam.. I correct and give her marks .. Now her I term exams are on .. OMG !!! poor kid .. Orals , Written bla bla .. I am more tensed than her.. Daily we do revision , model paper , oral reading ( in UKG , she has to read 3 sentences now itself like a kid , a pit , The kid fell in the pit !!!) what not ?? and whenever she is wrong , i get so tensed ,starts shouting at her saying that u have to take full marks ... studies is everything bla bla ..
OMG .. I can't believe that it is me !! i know that I am going overboard..I know that I need to control ..I know that grade doesnt matter in UKG.. I know that Nandhu is just 5 yrs old...but i have successfully entered the world of competition of mothers who wants their kids to be the first always...crap isnt it ??

I am trying to see if i can correct myself..but i guess this is someting within me.. if i take a tortoise mosquito coil now .. ( i meant flashback !!) ,I used to be class first always.. in 5th standard, i scored 2 marks less than another girl in Science. And i cried for that whole night and ended up with high fever...So, I guess history returns ( But I corrected my mistake of being padipist in college and I was always an OUTSTANDING ( Standing outside college ) student in college.. :) :)

God .. give me my thinking power back to protect Nandhu from my torture for studies :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Arrival of Nandhu

Ideally, I should have started of with Nandhu's blog....writing it now.. I wanted to check out my diary before i write thsi in blog..but my memory of nandhu is still so fresh will write out.

We were working in Singapore in 2004 and i knew that I was pregnant even before the test.I was so fond / rather crazy about kids.So obvious that I was sooooo happy and I was sure that my paati ( grandma) will come back to me as a kid.i came back to my mother's place in the end of 5th month itself as I had high BP thru out the pregnancy.I was working out of home after my 5th month for my Singapore Company..through out my pregnancy, I kept on talking to Nandhu inside..whomever saw me told me that I am gonna have a boy.I was damn sure that it is gonna be a girl.My doc was one tough nut and I enjoyed irritating her.I used to read a lot about pregnancy and every visit of mine was a nightmare to her.She told me bluntly that “ Don’t come to me for ur next delivery…I would have completed 10 deliveries for the time I have spent answering your questions and told me that this is the problem with all these IT people !”   .I packed everything and was telling my mother repeatedly what to do .She told me calmly that she is a mother of two and had seen many more deliveries in her life time. But this is first time for me you see ! I was waiting for pain to come.. every day,hour ,minute,seconds ! nothing happened !! I was asked to get admitted on oct24th (one day before my due date) . I went with my hubby and Amma in car and checked into my room. Whole night I had slight pain..but bearable.Morning 6clk , prep work was done and they told me that they will be giving me pain inducing injection and it will take 6 hrs.. Since it was first time, I had no clue.. I had “Ayn Rand” novel in hand and told so innocently to sister that “ pain varathan late aagumae , athuvaraikkum padikarennu “ .they all exchanged looks and I didn’t really understand.. I called up for my hubby ,,he came in ,saw me ..scared and went out… for all who don’t know about him , though he acts tough , he is scared for everything when it comes to hospital and pain … he faints If he sees blood..hehehehh… they have put injection and it was a good hospital in trichy , but not as posh as chennai hospitals.. In my next bed, there was another lady and already in pain.they injected me and pain started coming immediately ..It was fun… it was a race between me and the another lady on shouting. I was shouting first in pain ,when I stop,she would start screaming.. but lucky she was..she went inside first and delivered… I was in labor for 3 hrs and at last they moved me to operation table. It was a vacuum delivery ( remember – 3 idiots? But this was not thru vacuum cleaner..ROFL!).. Nandhu came out so clean and they had to turn her upside down to make her cry.. And they told me that it is a Girl !!! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss! I knew it .. but so weird it is ..when they brought her near me and asked me to take it , I said “ I am scared ..i will take later” ..i don’t know y .. whether it is the maternal gush …or the feeling of seeing some jeevan which came out of u ..not so sure till today…
stitching was so fast and I had all the patience in world to withstand it.. Dr was sooo cool …she was talking to me nicely while doing the stitches ..I still remember – so ..u were calling out mother frequently u visit Pondi ? so do u wear formal wear always to office bla bla .. once it was done , I rested there only for 10-15 mins..Nandhu was 4 KGs – such a big baby – so obviously my stitches were way too high. When someone wanted me to use wheel chair , my dr interrupted them saying that “ why the hell she needs it ? it was just a normal delivery..walk and go back to room “ 30 mins after delivery , I walked on my own , went to my room !!! There came my angel – my love – my pattu ….. Only when I delivered, I understood what motherhood is … only then I understood what mother is .. only then I understood how much I should love my own mother….Thanks to my dear Nandhu for making me realize that… So u think I have started behaving like a better daughter going forward?? WRONG .. it was the FEELING after delivery..athukappuram pazhaiya kurudi kathava thiradi nnu slowly started my usual fights with my mother..hehehe 

Behind the scenes : ( version from my hubby)
Nurse gave Nandhu to Abin and the memory of holding in Nandhu in hand is still fresh in him .. he says that is the proudest moment for a Father and feels heaven..he advocates his friends not to miss that moment… but before that ,when I delivered nurse came out to inform..Abin was standing bit far and they came and told my mother and her sisters.. Immeidately my amma started crying and Abin was in super tension..he thought something happened to kid ,thatz y they are crying .. he checked with my bro and understood that all r crying bcoz it was a Girl baby …hahahhaahah   Abin was like !?!?!? but today , it is my mother who is soooo attached to Nandhu … she cries if I hit her ..she adores Nandhu..  Always being a mother and a grandmother is completely different ..isnt it ?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Arrival of Kikee

July 28th - Another important day in my life - arrival of my second lil angel...This pregnancy was so boring .. Everything sounds great when it is first time.. Be it the first kiss , be it first love , be it first marriage or be it first kiss...heheheh :) just kidding ! U dont really know what to expect and each and everything u go thru is a new experience for u .. and u enjoy it.. When the second pregnancy started, It was completely unexpected and I was against abortion as I dont believe in killing! So decided to go ahead with that.I have been working through out and didnt find time really to worry about my pregnancy..!! all troubles started happening in the last two months when my hubby joined us back in Chennai .. oops.. he cared too much for me.. is it not good? mm..good for me .. but bad for my wish ( i wanted to work till the last day and see how it feels to go to hospital from office !!) ... He had put a strict 144 for my working from July mid where i had 2-3 weeks to kill..even before that, I was forced to work from home.. I was happy for his care and the "queen" treatment given to me ( I dont mind becoming pregnant again just thinking of it !heeh) ,but was going mad sitting at home and counting days.. Then when it was july end ( my date was Aug 3rd) , i decided to go for pain induction. Date was fixed - July 30th - Nakshatram seen..all fine..This was fixed on 27th during my visit to Dr.Trust me .. I never had a trust in my Dr . I thought I am going to end up in C sec.. i always felt she was more scared than me.

on 27th night, I had trouble was not exactly labor pain..but i was not comfortable. I have decided to go and meet the Dr next day.. For Nandhu i wore a long skirt type dress with Tshirt.. I was so senti about the dress and i kept searching for it this time till the last week..but no luck ..Went in some stupid chudi .. didnt take any other clothes, not all prepared.. Dr did the test ( Yucky!!!!) and told me that I am ready to go to labor and asked me to get admitted..I was totally unprepared.. i went with my hubby and called my mother to come immediately.
I went into labor room and found that it is a pretty good one.. I will write a separate blog on Nandhu's... I was asked to change dress and I was doing everything as if it was a dream... all prep work done and i was given pain induction thru baby used to be so active all 24 hrs and i could feel the parts by touching stomache.. when it was time to come, there was no movement at all.and i had to wait till it starts moving.30 mins gone waiting for its movement.. at last. started moving..and this whole stuff was like some movie.. my pain was increasing like hell and I was shouting at peak and telling the dr that I am about to deliver..But they will check and then say no no some more to go ..and each and every time I shout, they will arrange things.. thatz .. when I shouted first time, they kept the operation surgical kit time, someone put the coat to dr , next time , they kept the operation lights on. I was laughing even in pain seeing this..and only in TamilNadu u see this.. Though they are Tamilians , they communicate only in English! Be it Nurse or Dr , they were only talking in Englishh..It was so much and even when I shouted in pain , I shouted in English !!!heheheheh ....I could feel that Kikee is ready to come out..but Drs didnt believe that .. I had to shout saying that the kid will come out now!! when they saw, her fingers was out first!! they did somthing to put it back inside and called my Doc saying that I am ready to deliver..
and my delivery was like one "Chak De" types movie..hehe..from aayammma to head doc , all were shouting " Sayee come on " u can do it"..heheh whaat a team work... with all encouragement and help , kikee came to the world at 2.51 PM on July 28th 2010..She was crying while coming out itself.. Dr showed her and told me that it is a girl again..Though I was expecting a boy , I dont know y . I was so happy to hear that I m having a girl again..then they had to stitch.pain was worser than delivery.They took 30 mins to stitch.. when I was shouting,Dr told me that "sayee wait ma .. one final cosmetic " .what the heck ? cosmetic? i told her that am not going to show off the stitches..pls stoppp... Then she went out and my post delivery was such a fiasco :( My labor time was not so long..but when I went to my room , it was 10 in the night. I had severe blood loss post delivery and they have to give me so much drips to arrest it ..and blood transfusion was also done..they had to re-stitch as well since they did so many check ups ... Pain ..Pain .. Pain .. nothing else.. but I made sure that I dont faint as I had to go thru and feel this whole stuff... In between , my pulse rate went so low and i started sweating and struggling for dr was so scared and i was given Oxygen and also the pulse monitor was attached to me..My mother and hubby were waiting outside without knowing all these..When they knew , both of them looked so deadly than me !! I had to console my mother saying that it is nothing nad I will be fine..Deep inside, I was not so sure whether I will be fine.. but I thought that I will come out of it..
When I was in pain and also in fear , all i did was calling for "Mother " ( pondicherry ashram) ..through out , I was only chantting her name, when you are in disguise, you get to see somany hidden thoughts deep inside ur brain..when I had problem with my breathing, suddenly i saw my periamma( who passed away last year) standing near the cot and chanttingg Sai baba's slogam...It is just an is an outburst of my thought.. but it felt so alive and I became fine soon after that..

I came to room at 10 and kikee was still in her neonatal room.. she came to rooom at 11.30 and I took the tiny little bundle in my hand and thought " welcome to this world Kikee" ... u marked your arrival so strongly in me than your sister..