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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Arrival of Nandhu

Ideally, I should have started of with Nandhu's blog....writing it now.. I wanted to check out my diary before i write thsi in blog..but my memory of nandhu is still so fresh will write out.

We were working in Singapore in 2004 and i knew that I was pregnant even before the test.I was so fond / rather crazy about kids.So obvious that I was sooooo happy and I was sure that my paati ( grandma) will come back to me as a kid.i came back to my mother's place in the end of 5th month itself as I had high BP thru out the pregnancy.I was working out of home after my 5th month for my Singapore Company..through out my pregnancy, I kept on talking to Nandhu inside..whomever saw me told me that I am gonna have a boy.I was damn sure that it is gonna be a girl.My doc was one tough nut and I enjoyed irritating her.I used to read a lot about pregnancy and every visit of mine was a nightmare to her.She told me bluntly that “ Don’t come to me for ur next delivery…I would have completed 10 deliveries for the time I have spent answering your questions and told me that this is the problem with all these IT people !”   .I packed everything and was telling my mother repeatedly what to do .She told me calmly that she is a mother of two and had seen many more deliveries in her life time. But this is first time for me you see ! I was waiting for pain to come.. every day,hour ,minute,seconds ! nothing happened !! I was asked to get admitted on oct24th (one day before my due date) . I went with my hubby and Amma in car and checked into my room. Whole night I had slight pain..but bearable.Morning 6clk , prep work was done and they told me that they will be giving me pain inducing injection and it will take 6 hrs.. Since it was first time, I had no clue.. I had “Ayn Rand” novel in hand and told so innocently to sister that “ pain varathan late aagumae , athuvaraikkum padikarennu “ .they all exchanged looks and I didn’t really understand.. I called up for my hubby ,,he came in ,saw me ..scared and went out… for all who don’t know about him , though he acts tough , he is scared for everything when it comes to hospital and pain … he faints If he sees blood..hehehehh… they have put injection and it was a good hospital in trichy , but not as posh as chennai hospitals.. In my next bed, there was another lady and already in pain.they injected me and pain started coming immediately ..It was fun… it was a race between me and the another lady on shouting. I was shouting first in pain ,when I stop,she would start screaming.. but lucky she was..she went inside first and delivered… I was in labor for 3 hrs and at last they moved me to operation table. It was a vacuum delivery ( remember – 3 idiots? But this was not thru vacuum cleaner..ROFL!).. Nandhu came out so clean and they had to turn her upside down to make her cry.. And they told me that it is a Girl !!! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss! I knew it .. but so weird it is ..when they brought her near me and asked me to take it , I said “ I am scared ..i will take later” ..i don’t know y .. whether it is the maternal gush …or the feeling of seeing some jeevan which came out of u ..not so sure till today…
stitching was so fast and I had all the patience in world to withstand it.. Dr was sooo cool …she was talking to me nicely while doing the stitches ..I still remember – so ..u were calling out mother frequently u visit Pondi ? so do u wear formal wear always to office bla bla .. once it was done , I rested there only for 10-15 mins..Nandhu was 4 KGs – such a big baby – so obviously my stitches were way too high. When someone wanted me to use wheel chair , my dr interrupted them saying that “ why the hell she needs it ? it was just a normal delivery..walk and go back to room “ 30 mins after delivery , I walked on my own , went to my room !!! There came my angel – my love – my pattu ….. Only when I delivered, I understood what motherhood is … only then I understood what mother is .. only then I understood how much I should love my own mother….Thanks to my dear Nandhu for making me realize that… So u think I have started behaving like a better daughter going forward?? WRONG .. it was the FEELING after delivery..athukappuram pazhaiya kurudi kathava thiradi nnu slowly started my usual fights with my mother..hehehe 

Behind the scenes : ( version from my hubby)
Nurse gave Nandhu to Abin and the memory of holding in Nandhu in hand is still fresh in him .. he says that is the proudest moment for a Father and feels heaven..he advocates his friends not to miss that moment… but before that ,when I delivered nurse came out to inform..Abin was standing bit far and they came and told my mother and her sisters.. Immeidately my amma started crying and Abin was in super tension..he thought something happened to kid ,thatz y they are crying .. he checked with my bro and understood that all r crying bcoz it was a Girl baby …hahahhaahah   Abin was like !?!?!? but today , it is my mother who is soooo attached to Nandhu … she cries if I hit her ..she adores Nandhu..  Always being a mother and a grandmother is completely different ..isnt it ?


  1. Hey nice..!Both ur deliveries were tough..for a tough girl..! Bravo...Good one..!