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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nandhu's exam Fever !!!!

I used to think always that kids are burdened with studies and i shouldnt let me kid struggle ... i always used to wonder why mothers are so obsessed with studies !! now I understand that pretty well .. I have become a typical mother worrying about grades , homework , tests , marks!! mmm... i never knew it is really tough to study UKG !!! I have to refresh my basics as well.

I have home workbooks for Nandhu and every day she writes some dictation or model exam.. I correct and give her marks .. Now her I term exams are on .. OMG !!! poor kid .. Orals , Written bla bla .. I am more tensed than her.. Daily we do revision , model paper , oral reading ( in UKG , she has to read 3 sentences now itself like a kid , a pit , The kid fell in the pit !!!) what not ?? and whenever she is wrong , i get so tensed ,starts shouting at her saying that u have to take full marks ... studies is everything bla bla ..
OMG .. I can't believe that it is me !! i know that I am going overboard..I know that I need to control ..I know that grade doesnt matter in UKG.. I know that Nandhu is just 5 yrs old...but i have successfully entered the world of competition of mothers who wants their kids to be the first always...crap isnt it ??

I am trying to see if i can correct myself..but i guess this is someting within me.. if i take a tortoise mosquito coil now .. ( i meant flashback !!) ,I used to be class first always.. in 5th standard, i scored 2 marks less than another girl in Science. And i cried for that whole night and ended up with high fever...So, I guess history returns ( But I corrected my mistake of being padipist in college and I was always an OUTSTANDING ( Standing outside college ) student in college.. :) :)

God .. give me my thinking power back to protect Nandhu from my torture for studies :)


  1. - Good you realize screaming at a UKG kid to get full marks is crap :)...
    - Kids need education ...true ... Kids must excel....false
    - I would always prefer a kid to have the right education and friends to grow into a good human being
    - Sometimes kids who excel won't learn how to deal with failure...which is a part of life :)

  2. Agreed de.. I am working on it .. I become a psycho when it comes to studies ..trying to see if i can become normal ..shd i need counselling ? hehehh

  3. Really di. I have great philosophical thoughts that I'll encourage my son to take up any profession he wants (say anything like a chef). But when he makes a silly mistake in the test, all those thoughts vanish and I am the same person I was in school, arguing with the teacher for half a mark! So I decide that I should teach him better next time so that he gets 100% (sic). So I think its a battle within ourselves. We are a bit of our past as well.