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Friday, September 24, 2010

Getting Ready to School ...beware of wars ....

Typical Day ... (Now in my mother's place )

Shot I : Location Bed Room :

It is 6.10 .. my mobile alarm rings...Snoozeeeeeeeee.. and when I finally get up , it is 6.25.. I get up and start calling out Nandhu .. Nandhu ..get up...getting late for schoool..she tells me amma five mins.. we come out of 1 bed room to another.. She tells ..amma u brush first ... then I will..buying time to sleep. I come back after brushing and she is still sleeping..I see the clock and it is already 6.40 .. I start shouting at Nandhu..

Scene 1 variation 1 : Nandhu gets up and comes with me to bathroom to brush.. we are talking happily and brushing

Scene 1 : Variation 2 : Nandhu is saying that Amma . I want to sleep .. I dont want to go to school... I tell her .. Kannama..pls da chellam get up u have swimming / dance / music .. else u will miss all come .. Nandhu comes..
Scene 1: Variation 3: Nandhu is saying that Amma . I want to sleep .. I dont want to go to school... I start screaming at times , a small slap..

Now let me tell you the probability of variations

Variation 1 : 10% probability
Variation 2 : 30 % probability
Variation 3 : 60%

Scene 2 : my appa comes in and start shouting at me .. You are always like that..u dont get up early .. u also sleep and then start shouting at baby ( nandhu than !!! ) ...

Scene 3 : Amma gives entry and tells that iva thirundhavae matta ( she wi
ll neve change) .. paavam Nandhu ..

Shot II : Location Bath room

After Passing Number I , she comes to brush.. I start talking to her. She tells me amma dont talk to me..u r bad.. always hit me .. I am going somewhere I dont want anyone..

If I am not sleepy , I start my konjals and tell her that I love her..sorry bla bla . If I am sleepy , then I tell her that ha..I am happy .. escape.. :) I dont mean it ..she knows it ..

Shot III : Location Kitchen

She tells ammama that I dont waant milk.both of us are trying to convince her to have milk ...she doesnt listen.. so one more fight happens there.
Now it is almost 6.50..she needs to leave by 7.25 to catch her van.

Shot Iv : Location Bathroom again

Now i am forcing her to go for Number II..happens some day ( almost 90%) ..then she takes bath talking about her school friends...

Shot V : Location Bedroom again..

baby lotion , uniform , Tie , combing , ID card..she is ready to eat nbnow ..almost 7 clk ..

Shot VI : Location - Pooja Room

I am telling nandhu .. Ommachi sevi ..nanna exam ezhuthannumnnu vendikko ( pray to God that you should do exams well) ..Nandhu tells me that Athu ellam ketka mudiyathu .summathan sevippen.. ( I wont ask all that) ...ok .. I give it up .. and put vibooothi in her forehead .. she starts shouting to me saying thata Amma , how many times I told u to keep a small dot ..y r u keeping such a long kuri . :(
Shot VII : Location Dining Table

amma is waiting with breakfast.. she shows face to her and say ayyae.. chutney ..i dont want. I dont like it ( It was Nandhu who asked amma to make chutney previous night) it is my mother's turn..she tells me that she woke up early in the morning to make all that and she has left her housee in Trichy to take care of Nandhu ..and all she gets back is Nandhu's shoutings .. :) now it is my turn to keep quiet or shout back.. However ,she applies all techniques to give food to Nandhu ( she never shouts at Nandhu) and it is almost 7.15....

Wearing shoes and ready to leave to school ..bye to ammama and Thatha .. we aare out in our scooty...

Shot VIII : Location stop for van

Now , Nandhu wants to sit in bike till van comes.. it is very hot out there.. so i tell her not to sit , she says " pae.. I dont want to come " i will sit here only.. and i tell her that she will become black ..she says i dont care.. Then I have to lift her ( 17kgs) and start talking ..( inside voice..oops ... I can't carry.. I m going tot fall ) .. few kisses and talks - we make up ...

Now I ask her about her school friends.. she is bored and tells me thaat mummy how many times u will ask the same thing . :( ok ok.. Van comes and she gets in..bye bye..amma .. I am free till 4.30 :) :)


  1. - What all moms go thru on a weekday...
    - and almost all dads don't!....grrrrr
    - But I enjoy the peace and serenity after the whole episode ..a sense of great achievement that is :D

  2. I think this will be the scene in every house.But i dont take the risk of waking him,his dad does that while i'll be busy in kitchen.Now younger one kisses him and wakes him up daily :))

  3. !@ Gayatri - Correct de... it really feels heaven after the whole war :) :)

    @ Radhika - mm.....Kikee has to grow up fast at least for this purpose :) :)

  4. ""I am free till 4.30 :) :) !!!!!""

    Nandu: She had to listen to your shouts!.. she had to brush! she had to drink the milk.. she had to have the breakfast that she didnt like.. and she had to hear both you amma's and ammamma's screams for it...

    Ammamma: She woke up early morning, made her snacks and breakfast...

    Amma: Ponnu kooda ezhunthu, ponnu kooda pallu thechu, ama senja breakfast saptu, jaaliya ponnu kooda bus stop vareikkum oru scooty ride and some chit chat!

    Heaven after war??? - yarukku?

  5. @Sranj - adi paavi .. Kalailla 6 clk ezhunthukarathe evalo periya vishayammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

  6. Hey intha word verification thookkuppa... sema rouosu pannuthu!