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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Arrival of Kikee

July 28th - Another important day in my life - arrival of my second lil angel...This pregnancy was so boring .. Everything sounds great when it is first time.. Be it the first kiss , be it first love , be it first marriage or be it first kiss...heheheh :) just kidding ! U dont really know what to expect and each and everything u go thru is a new experience for u .. and u enjoy it.. When the second pregnancy started, It was completely unexpected and I was against abortion as I dont believe in killing! So decided to go ahead with that.I have been working through out and didnt find time really to worry about my pregnancy..!! all troubles started happening in the last two months when my hubby joined us back in Chennai .. oops.. he cared too much for me.. is it not good? mm..good for me .. but bad for my wish ( i wanted to work till the last day and see how it feels to go to hospital from office !!) ... He had put a strict 144 for my working from July mid where i had 2-3 weeks to kill..even before that, I was forced to work from home.. I was happy for his care and the "queen" treatment given to me ( I dont mind becoming pregnant again just thinking of it !heeh) ,but was going mad sitting at home and counting days.. Then when it was july end ( my date was Aug 3rd) , i decided to go for pain induction. Date was fixed - July 30th - Nakshatram seen..all fine..This was fixed on 27th during my visit to Dr.Trust me .. I never had a trust in my Dr . I thought I am going to end up in C sec.. i always felt she was more scared than me.

on 27th night, I had trouble was not exactly labor pain..but i was not comfortable. I have decided to go and meet the Dr next day.. For Nandhu i wore a long skirt type dress with Tshirt.. I was so senti about the dress and i kept searching for it this time till the last week..but no luck ..Went in some stupid chudi .. didnt take any other clothes, not all prepared.. Dr did the test ( Yucky!!!!) and told me that I am ready to go to labor and asked me to get admitted..I was totally unprepared.. i went with my hubby and called my mother to come immediately.
I went into labor room and found that it is a pretty good one.. I will write a separate blog on Nandhu's... I was asked to change dress and I was doing everything as if it was a dream... all prep work done and i was given pain induction thru baby used to be so active all 24 hrs and i could feel the parts by touching stomache.. when it was time to come, there was no movement at all.and i had to wait till it starts moving.30 mins gone waiting for its movement.. at last. started moving..and this whole stuff was like some movie.. my pain was increasing like hell and I was shouting at peak and telling the dr that I am about to deliver..But they will check and then say no no some more to go ..and each and every time I shout, they will arrange things.. thatz .. when I shouted first time, they kept the operation surgical kit time, someone put the coat to dr , next time , they kept the operation lights on. I was laughing even in pain seeing this..and only in TamilNadu u see this.. Though they are Tamilians , they communicate only in English! Be it Nurse or Dr , they were only talking in Englishh..It was so much and even when I shouted in pain , I shouted in English !!!heheheheh ....I could feel that Kikee is ready to come out..but Drs didnt believe that .. I had to shout saying that the kid will come out now!! when they saw, her fingers was out first!! they did somthing to put it back inside and called my Doc saying that I am ready to deliver..
and my delivery was like one "Chak De" types movie..hehe..from aayammma to head doc , all were shouting " Sayee come on " u can do it"..heheh whaat a team work... with all encouragement and help , kikee came to the world at 2.51 PM on July 28th 2010..She was crying while coming out itself.. Dr showed her and told me that it is a girl again..Though I was expecting a boy , I dont know y . I was so happy to hear that I m having a girl again..then they had to stitch.pain was worser than delivery.They took 30 mins to stitch.. when I was shouting,Dr told me that "sayee wait ma .. one final cosmetic " .what the heck ? cosmetic? i told her that am not going to show off the stitches..pls stoppp... Then she went out and my post delivery was such a fiasco :( My labor time was not so long..but when I went to my room , it was 10 in the night. I had severe blood loss post delivery and they have to give me so much drips to arrest it ..and blood transfusion was also done..they had to re-stitch as well since they did so many check ups ... Pain ..Pain .. Pain .. nothing else.. but I made sure that I dont faint as I had to go thru and feel this whole stuff... In between , my pulse rate went so low and i started sweating and struggling for dr was so scared and i was given Oxygen and also the pulse monitor was attached to me..My mother and hubby were waiting outside without knowing all these..When they knew , both of them looked so deadly than me !! I had to console my mother saying that it is nothing nad I will be fine..Deep inside, I was not so sure whether I will be fine.. but I thought that I will come out of it..
When I was in pain and also in fear , all i did was calling for "Mother " ( pondicherry ashram) ..through out , I was only chantting her name, when you are in disguise, you get to see somany hidden thoughts deep inside ur brain..when I had problem with my breathing, suddenly i saw my periamma( who passed away last year) standing near the cot and chanttingg Sai baba's slogam...It is just an is an outburst of my thought.. but it felt so alive and I became fine soon after that..

I came to room at 10 and kikee was still in her neonatal room.. she came to rooom at 11.30 and I took the tiny little bundle in my hand and thought " welcome to this world Kikee" ... u marked your arrival so strongly in me than your sister..


  1. - My! That's one experience u had girlie...
    - The whole thing is so scary ....
    - Bravo!

  2. OMG..!! Hope u are totally fine now...what an experience..!!!

  3. MMM..namakku risk ellam rusk saapidara maathiri .. hehehehe :)

  4. What an experience ! Very well described Sayee !! Felt great reading every single word !!

    And I am sure when you took Kikee in your hands after all that pain and effort, both she and you must have felt on top of the world !!! I'll look forward to meet Kikee whenever I visit Chennai next (don't know when that would be).