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Friday, October 22, 2010

Puriyadha Pudhir !!!

Appa is off to Singapore for couple of days.. Coming back after seeing him off .. Nandhu is telling amma about her schoools , friends bla bla ..
Getting off from scooter and climbing steps to home...

Nandhu : Amma .. I know the meaning of " careless"

amma : All excited and in playful mood - What is the meaning kanna ?

Nandhu : Mummy means irresponsible ( poruppu illadhavva)

Amma : Wow .. and decided to play naughty ( shani bhagavan in her tongue) .. Nandhu u r also careless rit .. u lost ur eraser in school today and this was not the first time !!

Nandhu : ( with anger in face) Mummy , what did u say ...

Amma : ( suddenly aware that the air is changin) no kannamma ..I was trying to just tease u .. joke ..hehehe

Nandhu storms into the house - gives a stern look to mummy standing in front of her Grandfather ( she knows how to screw her mother up!!!) ... Burst out crying ..

the dialog for the next one hour was the repeat of the following !

Nandhu : so I am careless .. isnt it ?

amma : No nandhu .. sorry i didnt mean it ..

Nandhu : So I am irresponsible ..and not mummy's girl ...isnt it ?

Amma : No Nandhu ..u r always my sweet heart ..

Nandhu : So r u coming to say that " I am a bad girl ? "

Amma : No sweetie... Good girls can also be careless

Nandhu : Because I am careless , I am going to get Zero marks next time? Is that what you say ?

Amma : No Nandhu .. If you continue lilke this , I am going to talk to ur teacher..

Nandhu : so u will tell my teacher not to put star for me going forward correct ????

Amma : grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......

Nandhu : how can you say that I am careless ? you r a bad mummy ..and starts crying in loud voice again !

Amma : Clueless and speechless !!

If you guys have seen a movie called " Puriyadha Pudhir " , you will appreciate this better !!


  1. - Oh this does happens with achu too
    - Just that it happens soooo often ...I have got used to it :)
    - Though I wish he grows out of it :(
    - To top it all...this racket will be followed by M's growl :b

  2. Marvel at her communication skills :)

  3. Sayeee.... :-)... ROTFL!!!
    sorry ma... but ennale resist panna mudiyalai.... ROTFL again!!!
    Kelviyin nayakikke savala???

    Sayee clueless and speechless - kaamedy panre paathiya?
    innumore oru thadavai... ROTFL :-)

  4. @ Sranj - u dont know ..... it is a toatl black out ..enna sollaradhunnuae theriyala..