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my angels
My Angels

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nandhu - Big little Sis !

Nandhu ...

was my only little dearie till some months ago ... for everything , she is the only one - enjoyed everyone's with a new arrival , I was lil skeptical on how she will take it .. though I have spent good amount of time thru out my pregnancy to make sure that she knows abt the little one enough.I was not so sure how she will take it ..but then I think we only worry about kids unnecessarily .. they are more matured than us these days.When I was in hospital ,she adjusted at home and went to school like a good girl - she used to visit me at hospital , stay near me and then go back...

When we came home, it was really a transformation to see Nandhu into a sis ...

She plays with kikee when she has mood

she doesnt like to see anyone scolding kikee even for fun ..she will say " amma , y r u scolding ? she is just a baby ? "

she will go to school and talk about kikee to her miss and friends

she will cry if kikee cries for long and starts shouting at me if i dont attend kikee...

she does her part of mischief with kikee as well - Hug kikee tightly which makes kikee fall down ... start taking her toys and make kikee shout to get her toy back .. Show "J" factor when she sees kikee gets some new stuff , when upset ,she tells me that i love kikee more than her ...bla bla ..

Whatever said and done , It is nice to see the bonding bw the sisters and all i wish is to see it stay always :D

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  1. - Hugs to Nandu for being such a sweety :)
    - These 2 will surely have loads of fun growing up together...God Bless :D