my angels

my angels
My Angels

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kikee .. ;)

Children world is so simple , colorful , full of life and love.. How I wish to be there again ... :)

Kikee was with her friend Akshat Yday .. called them to pose for photo together
Kikee : Akshat ,paapa (herself) va nanna konjanum ok ?
Akshat - ha ? ???
Kikee - Paapa va medhuva konjannum ok ?
Akshat - OK OK (with a tone of a such a big kid ) ;) we burst out laughing..

today bathe time.
Kikee : Amma enna soap amma ?
Me : Kulikkara soap ?
Kikee : Bajji soap a amma ? ( People who follow Ads in TV Closely - This is a Hamam Ad where a girl eats Bajji and amma says she can have oily food like bajji as she uses hamam !!) ..

Life is as simple as that ..When we grow , we complicate life :)

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